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Hua Ling Long, known as the Flower Shadow Great Emperor, is the only female among the Great Emperors of Star Boundary upon Yang Kai’s arrival there. She is also the Honored Master of Li Shi Qing.


She is simply described as a beautiful woman[3].


She has a soft and gentle personality along with a voice that makes one feel comfortable.[3]


As the Flower Shadow Great Emperor, her techniques all carry a Flower motif. As stated earlier, she is famously the only female Great Emperor of Star Boundary.

She is one of the Great Emperors who filled a vacancy left behind by one of the 5 Great Emperors who fell in Shattered Star Sea.[4]


Once angered by Li Wu Yi, the Flower Shadow Great Emperor chased him around Star Boundary. However, Li Wu Yi managed to escape her pursuit due to the his proficiency in Space Principles.


Demon War

Hua Ling Long calls Li Shi Qing, who is really Yu Ru Meng at this time, to discuss some matters with her before later sending her to retrieve Yang Kai, who then consults with the present Great Emperors after Star Boundary’s first skirmish with the Demon Race. Yang Kai is shocked that she did not pick up anything strange about Li Shi Qing. He then tests this by saying that he and Li Shi Qing fell in love at first sight, to which Hua Ling Long simply replies he should not disappoint her. This confirms that Yu Ru Meng has strangely managed to hide her identity even in front of Li Shi Qing’s master and 6 other Great Emperors.

Later, the Great Emperors would come up with a plan, led by the Heaven's Revelations Great Emperor, to have Yang Kai infiltrate Demon Realm in order to rescue the Bright Moon Great Emperor. This plan has Yang Kai publicly appear to be a traitor so that they can both help him to infiltrate Demon Realm and protect High Heaven Palace. Under the pretense of having had to withdraw their forces and close up their Sect as potential traitors, High Heaven Palace would actually be preserved as a secret base of operations. Later, when Yang Kai returns from Demon Realm, he informs the Great Emperors of how he was forced to kill the Bright Moon Great Emperor in order to prevent Star Boundary's World’s Will from falling into the hands of Demon Realm. The Great Emperors empathize with his pain and quickly restore his reputation in Star Boundary.

Later, Hua Ling Long is one of the Great Emperors kidnapped into another dimension by the Demon Saints when they come to Star Boundary. Eventually, she is freed by Wu Kuang/Duan Hong Chen. Subsequently, the reunified Great Emperors reintroduce themselves to their newest member, the Void Great Emperor, during the Final Battle of Star Boundary. Though greatly weakened, the Great Emperors help Yang Kai to battle the tyrannical Low Rank Open Heaven Stage strength of Mo Sheng. Unfortunately, Mo Sheng would eventually unleash an attack that threatens to destroy Star Boundary, and Yang Kai takes the initiative to sacrifice himself by taking the attack into the Void. However, Yang Kai would eventually return to the battlefield stronger than ever, and Mo Sheng is finally defeated.

Star Boundary in Sir Void’s Hands

In the aftermath of the War, Star Boundary is devastated and the Giant Spiritual God A Da stands outside waiting for it to die. Zhan Wu Hen and the other Great Emperors are greatly damaged after the Battle for Star Boundary, and will need at least a century of closing up to recover. They decide to ensure everything to Yang Kai before closing up. Yang Kai departs 50 years later for the Outer Universe to find a World Tree.

Numerous years later, Yang Kai returns to Star Boundary, and everyone feels the return of the Void Great Emperor. Yang Kai notices that the Great Emperors’ conditions have actually gotten worse since he left due to the deterioration of Star Boundary. Yang Kai then plants the World Tree Subtree in Star Boundary, and the Great Emperors bring several Source Crystals and Spiritual Veins to feed the Subtree. Eventually, it begins to rapidly heal Star Boundary and A Da departs.

Yang Kai then wants to take the Great Emperors to Void Land so that they can experience a higher Martial Dao and promote to Open Heaven Stage. Zhan Wu Hen and Duan Hong Chen initially volunteer to stay behind and guard Star Boundary, but are then assured by Yang Kai that he will leave a 5th Rank Open Heaven Stage cultivator, named Hei He, behind to protect it. Satisfied, they then follow Yang Kai to Void Land.[5]

Void Land

Hua Ling Long quickly promotes straight to 6th Rank Open Heaven Stage in Void Land along with Duan Hong Chen, Ice Feather, Yao Jun, Mo Huang, and Zhan Wu Hen. When Zuo Quan Hui moves to attack Star Boundary after learning of the World Tree Subtree from Lan Xun’s memories, Yang Kai takes the Great Emperors along with him in an attempt to reach it first. Thanks to Yang Kai’s extremely profound proficiency in Space Principles, Void Land’s forces arrive near Star Boundary first. The Great Emperors then note that Star Boundary has undergone tremendous changes due to the Subtree. Zhan Wu Hen further notes that they will not be able to keep this secret for long, as the two Yin-Yang Heaven disciples, Su Ying Xue and Qing Kui, are present to assist Yang Kai. However, Yang Kai informs the Great Emperors that he has a plan. During the ensuing final war against Zuo Quan Hui, Yang Kai and the Great Emperors also discover the existence of a new Big Territory in this area. Eventually, the Great Emperors help Yang Kai to kill Zuo Quan Hui in a Universe World named Blue Clouds Continent within this new Big Territory.

Seizing the initiative, Yang Kai later manages to make a more than acceptable deal with the 36 Cave Heavens and 72 Paradises in regard to Star Boundary and the World Tree Subtree. The Great Emperors then spend a lot of time guarding and managing the new and improved Star Boundary along with the new Big Territory while Yang Kai handles his own matters. The Great Emperors benefit greatly from remaining near Star Boundary due to the fact that they can draw from its background in order to rapidly improve their own Small Universes. This can be done without damaging Star Boundary's foundation due to the miraculous effects of the World Tree Subtree. When Yang Kai leaves for Black Ink Battlefield, the Great Emperors continue to support both Star Boundary and his Sects.[6]

3,000 Worlds War

During the 1,000 years that Yang Kai is away on Black Ink Battlefield, all the Great Emperors of Star Boundary would breakthrough to 7th Rank Open Heaven Stage due to the wondrous effects of the World Tree Subtree. In fact, many Great Emperors, such as Zhan Wu Hen, would even be rapidly approaching 8th Rank Open Heaven Stage. As all the Great Emperors are otherworldly talents, they would become famous for their many contributions on the battlefield against the Black Ink Clan.

When Yang Kai returns to Star Boundary for the first time in over 1,000 years, he learns that it has not only gained a new Great Emperor in Shi Da Zhuang, but the bottleneck of the world has also expanded. About 1,700 years later, Yang Kai would note that of the now 12 extremely famous Great Emperors of Star Boundary, the majority of them have promoted to 8th Rank Open Heaven Stage.[7]


Rank Novel Manhua
1. Emperor
Dao Seal 3396
2. Open Heaven
6th Rank 4577
7th Rank 5558
8th Rank 5824